8 Plastic Free Handmade Holiday Gift Ideas | Plastic Free

One thing I notice every year the day after Christmas are the over flowing trash cans. Then I imagine each box with its plastic wrappers, fasteners, and ties. There’s always guilt when I think about how much waste is created on the large scale just from this holiday. All trash ends up in the oceans, and that’s just sad.

As Christmas makes its quick approach you may be looking for some last minute gift ideas, so I’ve compiled a short list of 8 unbelievably beautiful handmade gifts that your recipient will love and they’re plastic free – so the ocean will love you too!

Henderson Handwoven is an Outer Banks artist that creates bold colored macrame wall hangings incorporating local drift wood. She also makes stunning macrame clutches, colorful plant holders and super precious holiday ornaments. If you’re looking for smaller items that would be perfect as stocking stuffers check out her twisted keychains & tassel keychains in her shop.

Henderson Handmade macrame christmas ornaments

Moon Tide Botanicals Oh gosh, I don’t even know where to start about Katelin! Her products are inspired and infused by the sea. They are 100% plant based, smell incredible and come beautifully packaged in glass or metal containers which you can reuse or recycle. My favorite is her Warm Citrus body oil, which no lie, has my husband chasing me around the house every time I use it!

Moon Tide Botanicals Outer Banks gift ideas

In Love With Seaglass My dear friend Kristin, the beach combing goddess of the Outer Banks, has a collection that nearly has me in tears every time I visit her. It just amazes me what the ocean gifts her! She even finds crystallized whelks and clams that she opens via Instagram! It’s just so exciting to watch them pop open and see what precious crystal gems are hidden inside these ancient shells! These sea glass necklaces, beachcombed in the Outer Banks, and handcrafted by Kristin are even adorned with calcite crystals that she collects from her fossilized shells!

sea glass and crystal necklaces

Wingo Starr Jewelry Do you know Mal? Well if you don’t, you should. She has a heart of gold and a shop full of the most vibrant crystal jewelry I’ve ever seen. My favorite thing about her is the positive outlook and messages she shares with the world. Mal’s messages and jewelry are vibrant, grounding and always about love!

Mallory Wingo Starr Jewelry self love post cards

Sea Yarn One of the sweetest and inspiring young ladies I’ve ever met, Brittani of Sea Yarn is a master of crochet. Her crochet swimwear are so soft and comfortable! Her shop includes many gift worthy pieces like this super cute book bag, holiday ornaments, crochet stockings, reusable straw holders, produce bags, and so much more! Its going to be easy to find a gift in her shop for a special someone, even if it’s for yourself!

Sea Yarn crochet back pack orange

Sea Milligan Designs I love EVERYTHING Catherine makes! Her color combinations are always mesmerizing! The shells and sea glass she chooses to incorporate in her exquisite  jewelry is nothing less than perfect. She’s also a painter! Oh my goodness and does she paint! You’ll have to take at look at her shop, and be ready to be swept away to the most delightful tropical paradise! Sea Milligan Designs calico shell beaded bracelet

Xinh & Co. I know you’ve seen these baskets every where, and do you ever wonder who actually makes them? Well when you shop with Xinh & Co. you can rest assure that the products in Trang’s shop are handcrafted by artisans around the world that are being payed fairly. Trang, the founder of the company works directly with the artisans of rural areas of the world cutting out the middle man. This means these communities get more of the money they deserve while being able to preserved their cultural traditions. Xinh & Co woven baskets

Clam and Clasp I recently came across this beautiful shop. Their elegant jewelry is made from sustainable resourced shells. They also donate 20% of profits to ocean conservation organizations. This is one of the most breathtaking and soul inspiring shops I’ve ever come across. This is a shop you won’t want to miss taking a look at.

Our oceans are overflowing with plastic. Every piece that we can keep out of our waterways saves lives, including our own. It’s easier to make a difference than you know,  even if it’s just one plastic free gift this holiday season. You’ll be making a positive impact not only on our oceans but in the lives of these very talented artisans.

Happy Holidays!!

Remember to live simply, so you can really live.

With love,

Sophie & The Fam

– Salt Hippy

Photo Credit: All photos belong to the shop owners, and are used with permission.

Salt Hippy family, Sophie Castellanos

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