Slowing Down as We Warm Up | Monthly Wrap Up

This month we broke free from the everlasting grasp of winter. At the same time I’ve quieted my mine from the need to make everything all at once. Creatives, you know what I mean: when your mind is buzzing with ideas and you have a million projects going all at once. Creative chaos, everywhere – kitchen counters, dining table, living room floor, your office. Instead, I’ve slowed my pace and let my heart lead the way. Creating from a place of absolute silence. Silence in my surroundings and stillness in my mind. The stillness has been powerful. It has allowed me to channel my connection with each element in my work. It such a joyful peace to create from.

Have you ever heard that saying, “just let it be”? It’s something often I find hard to do when working on a project. Sometimes I try to perfect my work to the point of perfecting it to oblivion. I will literally adjust it until I break it.

It’s been very important to me to find the right balance between my artwork, the business aspect of Salt Hippy, and my family. I’ve noticed a direct connection to how much time I spend trying to run my business and my children’s happiness (& behavior). I’ve learned to accept that I can’t work a normal 40 hour structured work week like a normal job. Instead of becoming frustrated when my children interrupt me while I work I try to to be more available to them. Often I am told they will only be this age once, so I really do try to cherish these moments with them.

Its also so wonderful to talk to them about what I am doing. I like to show the reasons why I choose each piece. Then they can learn to see the beauty of the tiny things around us that make the large big picture.

So here are a few of my favorite creations from this month. I am utterly in love with the stormy dreamcatcher. Can you guess which one that is? Which piece is your favorite?










Custom Drift Wood Dreamcatcher | Inside the Art

There is something so satisfying about creating from the soul. It’s a place where your body moves without the lead of the mind. It’s a flow that is channeled from past experiences. It’s a dance between soul and hand on the dance floor of your art.

So when a customer tells me that they “trust my judgment”, my soul does a little squeal and a happy dance. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a custom order where my clients like to be involved. Those carry a special place in my heart too. Working hand and hand with a client to create something from their mind into reality is really quite amazing. My heart fills with so much joy when they tell me “this was exactly what I was envisioning!”

My latest custom dreamcatcher is filled with everything that makes me feel at home with myself. You know that feeling when you’re happy with who you are and where you are in life? That’s how these drift wood vines dreamcatchers make me feel. A dear friend of mine gifted me these beautifully weathered drift wood vines from the coast of the Outer Banks. I was blown away by this precious gesture. These are drift wood vines, woven so that I could have the honor of making dreamcatchers! I know the words seem so simple, but who ever knew that such a beautiful gift from the sea existed. I held on to them for months. I knew they were special and had to be saved for when my soul was ready to tell their story.



This past month, the transition from winter to spring brought so much inspiration after this incredibly long winter. Even though I’m a winter baby the cold is not my friend. I become sluggish and unmotivated, almost glued to the couch with my fuzzy warm blankets and endless cups of tea. Let’s face it, I’m at Cali girl, and island girl, we’re not made for these long stretches of cold. So when daylight hours extend and flowers bloom I can literally feel the energy of the world waking. That’s when I come to life!

“art combines slivers of your story into an emotional experience you can cherish in your home.”


Past experiences leave an imprint on you. From the reason why you love a particular crystal, the way the ocean makes you feel; its all apart of your story. Putting these elements into a piece of art combines slivers of your story into an emotional experience you can cherish in your home. Thats why I love to ask my clients questions about their favorite elements. I want to incorporate pieces of their favorite stories into my work so that it inspires their soul.

This particular dream catcher contains amethyst and ammonite, which are favorite colors of crystals of my client. I also added amethyst and quartz both snug in a bed of moss to add a touch of woodsy vibes, which she also liked. Though the moss looks much like sea sponge it still has a wonderful feel and smell of the forest which won’t take away from the ocean theme of this piece.

Its been almost three years since I started Salt Hippy and I am still so honored to think that someone wants to hang my art in their home. The kindness from the people I have worked with makes this journey so incredibly rewarding. The way people trust to share their most precious experiences, the happy and the sad, with me. In those minutes we’re in the same story, the same moment, exchanging bits of our life, and that is such a precious gift.


Live simply, so you can really live.

Love Sophie & The Fam

-Salt Hippy